Dental Services

General dentistry for your children & whole family in Chandler

We specialize in family and pediatric dentistry leading the way with over 26 years of experience. Our team of healthcare professionals are both extremely trained and passionate about what they do.

Restorative Dental Treatment

Cosmetic Hollywood Smiles

Ceramic, Metal-Free Aesthetic Crowns

Veneers White Composite Fillings/Restorations

Standard Dental Treatment Also Available


Root Canal Therapy

Dental Mini-Implants

Conversion of Existing Dentures to Implant Supported Dentures

Silver fillings conversion to white fillings

In-house and take-home bleaching


Oral Hygiene Department Procedures

Deep-Cleanings / Scaling and Root Planing

 Periodontal Maintenance Procedure

Periodontal Charting to follow progress of maintenance

Intraoral and Extraoral Cancer Screening

Education on Periodontal Disease

Education on Periodontal Disease and its association with heart disease and diabetes

Prescription products available in our office to improve oral health